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Jeddah Mali
"The time has come for mankind to shift the entire paradigm of human consciousness from limitation to freedom. For the first time in known human history, we have the opportunity to make this happen. The vision of a stable and harmonious human presence upon this planet is not one we can afford to pass up." Jeddah Mali
Jeddah Mali, Executive Director and Founder of Global Paradigm Ltd, is an internationally recognised mentor, advisor and consultant. Her unique approach transforms our fundamental understanding of ourselves as human beings and how life really works. This knowledge can be applied not only to our everyday lives, but also to how we run business, structure society, make environmental provision, form governmental policy and conduct international relations with the aim of producing a world we all want.
Jeddah Mali Summer Retreat – July 17-20, 2015
During Jeddah's "Real Change for Real People" retreat, she will review the mechanics of how life really works and how it is designed for you to experience unlimited peace, contentment, and self-love. She will provide practical and actionable steps for staying present moment-to-moment and releasing long-standing beliefs that leave us feeling limited and stuck.
Through the presentations as well as guided group exercises and meditations, you will:
  • Experience a greater sense of personal freedom and lightness as you finally let go of stubborn issues and limiting beliefs
  • Gain confidence to move in new directions that seemed impossible before
  • Dramatically shift your perception of self and life
  • Strengthen your ability to hold yourself steady in expansion, light and harmony
You will also explore what is required to be able to create the world you desire.
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Jeddah is a member of an exclusive group of women supporting the Nobel Women's Initiative, comprised of the 8 living Nobel Peace Prize Laureates.
Jeddah is on the Advisory Board of the Hanwang Initiative, to provide a pathway for governments, businesses and people between China and the rest of the world to address sustainable development from a society-wide perspective.
Jeddah sits on the Steering Committee for the Global Coherence Initiative, a science-based project to monitor the relationship between human activity and the Earth’s electromagnetic field.
She is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council - a group of 100 top leaders, consultants, advisors and trainers serving over ten million people around the world.