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Jeddah Mali

About Jeddah Mali

Jeddah Mali

Jeddah Mali is the CEO and founder of Global Paradigm Ltd, which delivers training programmes for individuals and organisations seeking a completely new approach to the age-old dilemma of how to make life, business and society work effectively and harmoniously. We are at a stage in history when our old solutions to this challenge no longer appear to be working. If we want to make progress in today’s world, we have to understand the elements that are involved in success.

Jeddah’s unique approach identifies and maps the cohesive design underlying every system, from an individual person to a solar system. It reveals the hidden patterns within every aspect of life that are responsible for how things turn out. Jeddah provides an in-depth examination into the nature and function of this design, and the mechanics that make it work. Our understanding and use of these mechanics determine the extent to which we can produce consistent and reliable results.

Jeddah is sought after for her precise understanding of human beings, the contribution each person makes individually and collectively and the impact this has on the world in which we live. Her work examines the link between our design as human beings and our hardwired predisposition towards peace, collaboration and contentment.

She has a masterful way of communicating that brings clarity to complex subjects. Through her work, she combines an innate understanding of the subtlest aspects of life with an incisive knowledge of what it means to be human. These are delivered with humour, compassion and a rare wisdom.

Jeddah mentors and consults for CEOs, international organisations and politicians as well as advising and guiding global thought leaders and change makers.

Her clients are drawn from over 60 countries around the world including UK, USA, The Middle East, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, New Zealand and Romania.

International Affiliation

Nobel Women's Initiative

Jeddah is a member of an exclusive group of women supporting the Nobel Women's Initiative. The initiative is comprised of the 8 living Nobel Peace Prize Laureates (including Honorary member Aung San Suu Kyi from Burma) who collectively campaign for global peace, justice and equality.

Jeddah is on the Advisory Board of the Hanwang Initiative, which is based in both Geneva, Switzerland and Beijing, China. Established to provide a permanent platform of trust between China and the rest of the world with the goal of advancing sustainable development at scale and with urgency, the organisation’s objective is to facilitate the meeting of relevant stakeholders in order to help design, fund and run projects. It seeks to create a pathway for governments, businesses and people to deliver the necessary action to address sustainable development from a society-wide perspective.

Global Coherence Initiative

Jeddah sits on the Steering Committee for the Global Coherence Initiative, a science-based project to monitor the relationship between human activity and the Earth’s electromagnetic field. The aim of the initiative is provide scientific data to establish the case for collective intention and efforts towards cooperation and enduring peace.

Transformational Leadership Council

She is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council - a group of 100 top leaders, consultants, advisors and trainers serving over ten million people around the world.

Please see Jeddah's writings page for extracts taken from her Changing The Paradigm series and her work page to learn more about the various courses and events we have on offer.