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Seeds Of Enlightenment 6 CDs: USD $240 (before shipping and taxes)

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Seeds Of Enlightenment MP3 Download: USD $240

Changing the Paradigm Series

Volume I: Seeds of Enlightenment (CD & MP3)

Seeds of Enlightenment Meditation CDs & MP3s with Jeddah Mali

About Seeds of Enlightenment

The Seeds of Enlightenment meditations are designed to help you realize that you are the true master of your life. You will learn how to work towards continuous conscious awareness. In the same way that water always finds its way to the ocean, the default setting of your being is hardwired to continually bring you to a naturally harmonious state. It is designed into the fabric of who you are. It is the fundamental quest of life.

You will discover that enlightenment is not a destination but a state of being. Not only that but it is the state of being that you have been all along. Discovering this allows us to live in harmony with the universal laws that govern existence, leading to greater inner peace, joy, and love in each moment.

Seeds of Enlightenment - Contents

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Seeds Of Enlightenment 6 CDs: USD $240 (before shipping and taxes)

(CDs will be posted from the U.S. please click here to see shipping times)

Seeds Of Enlightenment MP3 Download: USD $240

Testimonials for Seeds of Enlightenment

"I just listened to the introduction and meditation #1 of Seeds of Enlightenment. You folks have outdone yourselves. This is the real deal. I look forward to subsequent listening. I have not had a meditation like this in years." Rose Kaval

"I just wanted to write and say thanks for sharing what you have learned with the rest of us. I purchased your Seeds of Enlightenment course and I have completed the first four meditations. These four have had a profound impact on my thinking and have helped me to understand many things I have struggled with in the past. I look forward to the rest of the exploration and learning. Again, many thanks." Nigel Cox

"I wanted to let you know how much I love the Trust CD and cherish your work in general. Your visit has changed my life. I practice the techniques you taught us every day and I look forward to receiving the rest of the CDs. For many years I have had the ability to establish flow or theta waves in the body. However yesterday while using the principles from your meditation cds, I discovered a place in my head where I can drop all the tension in the nervous system and release contracted muscles. I am overflowing with gratitude for you my dear. Thank you again for your generous gift." Cheri Moffatt

"To know that you are here with us makes me happily crying. It is as if the real me is getting more security, more space, more certainty, more Ah, that's really me! Just listening to your words and reading your words is pure healing to the heart. Thank you for sharing!" Suresh Heilmann

"You have given me access to my being in a way that is indescribably delightful and empowering. Every session is mind-blowing and consciousness raising! Every week I touch new aspects of Self and my perspective of my life and life itself is broadened and deepened and enriched! I had a concept of myself as a multi-dimensional being before I started this work, but you have given me access to these dimensions in ways I never dreamed possible." Kristin Van Tilburg

"Dear Jeddah, Over the past several weeks since I purchased your wonderful program, "Seeds of Enlightenment", I have noticed myself become increasingly calmer, kinder and more aware of my inner responses to what is happening around me. As one who has been on a spiritual path for some time, I want to tell you how much I appreciate you and to thank you for coming into my life at this particular time." Joan Conroy

"I have just listened to the first two of your Seeds of Enlightenment CD's and I cannot express in words the pureness of your voice as well as the material on the CD's. I have been so touched and blessed by the beauty and depth of these meditations. I too, have studied how thoughts affect our reality. I just want to thank you ever so dearly and profoundly for your gift to the world. I teach a meditation class to a large group in the U.S. (Florida). My intention of creating such a class in the beginning was to be able to bring an awareness of the present moment and of source energy for my students. I cannot wait to share your most beautiful meditations. Thank you....thank you.....thank you! Many blessings." Nancie Leon

"I have meditated for over 10 years and felt like I had reached a plateau that was not particularly exciting or fulfilling. The very first time I did one of Jeddah Mali's meditations, I felt myself go deeper than I have ever gone. For the first time, I actually experienced those concepts that had thus far eluded me. Specifically, I actually experienced the fact that there is no such thing as physical pain in the present (only the past and the future). This is especially profound for me, because physical pain has been a part of my daily human experience for six years. I actually see the possibility of being able to use these concepts to start having pain-free time outside of my meditations. I also experienced the fact that there is no separation. Even though I have known this to be true, I actually felt with absolute certainty that I am one with God, nature, my family, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you..." Susan MacQuarrie, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Everything Jeddah Mali says and presents seems to open my being to a perspective that is so much more useful than anything I've ever learned or experienced. It's the essence of it all. It feels like this is what I'd been waiting for my whole life." Rene Woodley-Dreyer, Cape Town, South Africa

"Seeds of Enlightenment has helped me to cope and be at peace with the sudden death of my beloved husband. Experiencing the sea of awareness in a meditative state brings me comfort and serenity." Cindy Mackey Nevada City, California

"I have been in Iraq since the end of 2005 as a civilian contractor. A lot of life-changing events have happened to me that might cause most people to fall apart. Something has always kept pulling me or pushing me to where I need to go. So I keep going no matter what. Lately my mind had been very full of random thoughts, and I was not able to get into a good meditative state. Seeds of Enlightenment has helped me open up my heart again and be a more whole person. I can't thank you enough." Josh Carriere, Camp Ramadi, Iraq

"I listen to Jeddah Mali's meditations almost every day. While my life is still stressful, I am calmer. I handle 'crises' in my life with more grace and serenity. I was well on my way to a stomach ulcer, but these meditations have helped considerably. I have a better understanding of how the universe works and am finding my way to a happier, more peaceful life. Thank you!" Marjorie Anderson, Blandon, Pennsylvania

"Now I know what heaven tastes like!" Arne Bjellebo, Norway

"These are the best meditations I have ever listened to. I ordered eight more sets and have been giving them away to friends. I have found myself living more in the 'Now.' Whenever I find myself with a problem, I now know to change my intention and surrender it much more quickly. I was going to South Africa and was concerned about our safety. I used the 'Trust and Surrender' meditation a lot. We had a fabulous, safe, and extraordinary trip. I think this course is absolutely fantastic!" Suzi Haviland, Verona, Wisconsin

"Dear Jeddah, I continue to listen to "Seeds of Enlightenment". It has helped me beyond words. I continue to notice more how my mind operates. I am noticing that this "constant witness" is always present, it has no beginning or end. I am noticing how I create suffering through resistance which is very contracting. I am noticing how when I'm aware of something I'm not identified with it. I want to thank you so much for making these cd's. I look forward to the next series Embracing Freedom. Much Love." Jacki Griep

"Dear Jeddah, I want to thank you so very much for your Seeds of Enlightenment!!!! In 30 years of searching I have read hundreds of books and done dozens of different courses, but Nothing, absolutely Nothing comes close to your course in Seeds of Enlightenment. I am so very grateful, thank you! Thanking you again, with all my Love and blessings." Gianfranca Dal Toso-Bourne

"My personal thanks to Jeddah Mali. I purchased the "Seeds of Enlightenment" meditations a short while ago. It seems that the clarity and love in which the words are spoken create an environment of facilitation which allows the listener to "plug into" an energy which also allows transcendence of self expectations. The universe is a friendly place indeed! I feel profoundly more peaceful--and I find myself choosing kindness in everything I do much more often. As you know, a value cannot be placed on this!! Thank you my dear friend Jeddah Mali." David-John Barraclough

"I am still working daily with the Seeds of Enlightenment CD's and I am discovering and experiencing more and more every day, it's amazing what is happening on a daily basis and I am looking forward to Embracing Freedom. Using your directions on a daily basis I have become peaceful and free and I am enjoying this reality very much. There is no drama anymore in my life and my mind is often still and when it is operative I am not consumed by it. Every time I listen to the CD's I come to a deeper understanding than before which in turn creates a deeper experience, which again gives me more understanding. My mind is so still here, I am so free and it is so easy. The more I do it the more it comes automatically. I have never had such a profound experience of stillness in any meditation. This stillness comes to me sometimes when I am not expecting it, it is so beautiful. Thank you Jeddah Mali for doing this service, you are the service. You have a friend for eternity." Jerry Remak

Dear Jeddah, I wish to thank you again. The insights I'm having are beyond words. I'm understanding so many things in a deep way. Surrender and love are where my focus is. It feels like I am in a constant state of surrender. I realize that this surrender goes hand in hand with my capacity to be present. Your cds have helped and continue to help in this opening. I am feeling more and more alive and willing to experience everything - even pain. Surrender truly does release resistance to experiencing all of life. My compassion is overflowing. Thank you again for making the CDs available. Jacki Griep

Seeds Of Enlightenment 6 CDs: USD $240 (before shipping and taxes)

(CDs will be posted from the U.S. please click here to see shipping times)

Seeds Of Enlightenment MP3 Download: USD $240

I purchased this 6 CD set from a different website but I'd like to share my experiences. This 6 CD set is the first part of "Changing the Paradigm Series", by Jeddah Mali. The other set entitled "Embracing Freedom" has been released and the final part, which will be called "Infinite Grace" is yet to be released. This set comprises of eight meditations on 6 CDs and contains an accompanying booklet, which contains instructions on how to make best use of the meditations on the CDs. It also gives an overview of the meditations and also makes a reference to meditation practice, posture and breathing techniques (Pranayama). What I love about this CD set is that there is no mention of religion at any point in the audio material. Jeddah Mali, in her very gentle and soothing voice provides guidance during the meditations, which last about 25 to 35 minutes each. The accompanying background music is extremely relaxing and helps achieve a deep meditative state. This was my first attempt at trying to meditate, although I have done some self-hypnosis before. I am so glad I purchased this CD set and its worth every penny spent in my opinion. It was recommended that one should consider listening to each meditation at least three times a week before moving on to the next meditation. I have however used each meditation consistently over a two week period. With regular practice I have been experiencing a feeling of emotional equilibrium. I seem to have a greater sense of self control and this in turn has increased my sense of certainty . It has also helped me let go of negative emotions thereby leading to improved relationships and a sense of enjoyment. I also seem to be able to focus and concentrate better. I would whole heartedly recommend this CD set to anyone who is new to meditation. Perhaps experienced meditators may also find this useful. Amazon reviewer, Scotland

I've had this set for over a year now, and I still use them to this day. Very well put together, if you are the kind of person that needs guided meditations like I am, I DEFINITELY would recommend this product. I get the kind of awareness/connection that most of the time I cannot get on my own. I have done them all as instructed (3x each before moving onto the next ones), and there are still a good handful out of the 8 meditations that still have the same effects on me. Thanks Jeddah! Sylvia, Amazon reviewer

Very profound teaching which is set out in easily consumable morsels. Definitely increases your awareness and leads you into beautiful states of being. Amazon reviewer